​Sometimes being a good dad is difficult. That’s the focus of the Good Dads 2018 Fall Lunch Series. Attend the lunches and you’ll hear from real dads speak openly about some of the challenges they’ve faces. These include the following:

Dominic Casper: A dad who didn’t have a good dad

Steve Moser: A dad who has experienced divorce and remarriage

Danny Perches: A dad whose child is “different” ​

Matt Miller:   A dad whose child has experienced a serious cancer.

Norm Haas:  A divorced dad who travels for work and has had to spend many nights away from his child

Tom Seboldt:  A dad who has experienced the challenges of kids who rebel.

​In addition to hearing the real life stories and struggles of several different dads, the lunches will also feature strategies to help dads cope with challenges and struggles.

Rev. Laura Murphy, parenting expert and educator, will talk to dads about ways to help a child with ADHD and other learning challenges.

Clinical psychologist and family therapist, Dr. Jennifer Baker, will offer ideas and training on ways to handle various challenges in healthy ways.

Good Dads is grateful to Youngblood Automotive, Springfield Lutheran, King’s Way United Methodist, Mercy, and BKD, Inc. for hosting and sponsoring the Fall Lunch Series.

When we help dads be more engaged and successful with their children, we are truly “helping kids one dad at a time.”

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