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Good Dads Strong Schools is a before-school program intended to help fathers (including stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures) be more engaged with their children. The material may also be used with mothers, but its intention is to help children become more connected with their fathers in a way that is supportive of their positive communication and education.

School leaders like principals, PTA members, teachers, and engaged parents play an important role in bringing Strong Schools to their school. If you are a school leader, we encourage you to get in contact with Good Dads.

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Product Description

Each year of Good Dads Strong Schools lessons contains eight low-tech, tactile activities intended to promote father-child conversation on a particular character-related theme, including:

Good Dads Strong Schools materials include the following:

  1. Sample printable handout for individual participants for each month's meeting.*
  2. Sample follow-up parenting handout reinforcing meeting theme with additional activities.
  3. Monthly Captain’s Page for group leaders explaining what is needed to conduct each meeting.
  4. Flash Drive containing files for printing participant and parent pages.

*Printed materials may be purchased from Good Dads, or participating schools and captains have the option of printing their own.

Encouraging fathers to be more engaged in their child’s education benefits parents, children and teachers because studies show us that a dad’s participation in hid kid’s education can improve many areas of life.

Strong Schools is expressly targeted at fathers, and the class sends the clear message that father involvement is imperative to a child’s education. It allows fathers to form links with their kids and with other dads in a low-risk, casual atmosphere, where conversation and bonding are encouraged.

Research shows that dads make a big difference in a child’s education, too. Kids with actively involved fathers are more likely to have stronger verbal skills, have fewer behavior problems in school, get better grades, show an increase in curiosity and show increased problem-solving skills.

We cover even more about Strong Schools on the Good Dads blog! Read up here and here.

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Captain's Starter Kit – $149
  • 1 Captain's Binder with the complete course
  • 1 flash drive containing digital copies of each Captain's Page, Activity Page and Parent Take-Home Page
Captain's Binder – $75 (for groups with more than one Captain)
  • 1 Captain's Binder with the complete course
Captain's Flash Drive – $75
  • 1 flash drive containing digital copies of each Captain's Page, Activity Page and Parent Take-Home Page

Ready to buy? Click the button below to be directed to the Product Page for Strong Schools. Questions may be directed to Rhonda Andersen, Good Dads Director of Operations, at 417-501-8867 Ext. 2 OR at

Dad and kid pose with Dr. Baker at a Strong Schools lesson at Orchard Hills Elementary