Good Dads Strong Schools

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Product Description

Good Dads Strong Schools is a before-school program intended to help fathers (including stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures) be more engaged with their children. The material may also be used with mothers, but its intention is to help children become more connected with their fathers in a way that is supportive of their positive communication and education.

Good Dads Strong Schools contains nine “high touch, low-tech” activities intended to promote father-child conversation on a particular “character-related” theme. Year One includes the following themes:

The Good Dads Strong School materials include the following:

  1. Sample printable handout for individual participants for each months’ meeting.*
  2. Sample follow-up parenting handout reinforcing meeting theme with additional activities.
  3. Monthly Captain’s Page for group leaders explaining what is needed to conduct each meeting.
  4. Thumb-drive with video-recorded instructions for Captains along with files for printing participant and parent pages.

*Printed materials may be purchased from Good Dads, or participating schools and captains have the option of printing their own.