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What would happen if your business focused on promoting responsible, engaged fatherhood? How might your dad employees react if they knew their employer was committed to helping them be the best dad they could be? What impact would your workplace see if workers built a real sense of community and could connect with others spanning departments, wages and seniority? 

What if we told you all this and more could be achieved over lunch once a week? 

Good Dads now offers its Fundamentals of Fatherhood course as an employee benefit for leading businesses in the Ozarks that employ fathers and fathers-to-be. We find the course is especially effective in manufacturing settings.

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Why focus on fathers?

Your business’s commitment to encouraging engaged fatherhood translates to a significant economic impact—for your business and for the community.

Here’s some data to back that up. 

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Happy dads are happy employees. According to a 2015 study that surveyed nearly 1,000 fathers working an average 46 hours/week published in the Academy of Management Perspectives, men who spend more time with their kids on a typical day are more satisfied with their jobs and are less likely to look for another job. What’s more, they experience less work-family conflict and greater enrichment in their jobs and at home. 

Engaged fathers are better for companies and their bottom lines. When they're at work, good dads are less distracted by family problems. Another study found that nearly $6 billion a year is lost in decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationships. Among those relational difficulties are children impacted by less contact with their fathers. 

Responsible fathers are more likely to keep custody of their children, saving taxpayers millions. More than 13,000 children are in foster care in Missouri, and each foster parent receives about $450 a month per child. That’s $5,500 a year per child—meaning the state compensates foster parents a collective $71.5 million for the children in their care. That's not even accounting for Medicaid costs, doctor visits or extracurricular activities! 

When Dad is positively involved in his children’s lives, the kids benefit in more ways than one. Children in state care have higher rates of hazardous behavior. They are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior and have children of their own during adolescence. They’re also more likely to be victims of abuse/neglect and have higher rates of drug/alcohol addiction. When we encourage men to become active parents, we are saving the lives of children who would otherwise be at risk for falling through the cracks.

what you get from good dads

Your commitment to fostering a workplace culture that expects ALL dads to be positively involved in the lives of their children starts with Fundamentals of Fatherhood, the essential Good Dads playbook. 

Good Dads is all about community building, and we envision your workplace as the perfect place for creating a peer-supported group of fathers and soon-to-be fathers. To achieve this vision, you may send members of your own team to a training event hosted by Good Dads so they can learn lead the Fundamentals of Fatherhood course, or you can choose to have skilled Good Dads facilitators come to your offices to serve your fathers. 

We recommend courses take place over a long lunch break once a week or every other week. 

About the Course

Fundamentals of Fatherhood is an 8-part course designed to encourage positive father involvement. The essential Good Dads playbook is the perfect way for any dad (including step-dads, grandfathers and father-figures) to become more engaged with their children. 

Covers of the Fundamentals of Fatherhood curriculum

The new curriculum paves the way to forging connections among fathers using familiar language and relatable examples common to any sports lover. It uses an extended coaching metaphor to illustrate that the winning habits successful coaches employ are many of the same strategies that good dads use to raise and lead healthy, happy families.

Participants experience a fusion of engaging facilitator-led discussion topics and educational, impactful activities. They use multimedia expert testimonials from professional coaches chiefly relevant to twenty-first century fathers to cover big-picture topics like healthy masculinity, discipline and handling one’s emotions. 

Find more info about the course here.

pilot project: Smc packaging

In spring 2023, Good Dads hosted a pilot Fundamentals of Fatherhood course as an employee benefit
at SMC Packaging. The result was an empowering, inspiring experience that men won’t soon forget.

Men at SMC Packaging sit in a classroom setting facing a Good Dads facilitator in spring 2023.

ready to get started?

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