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How do you build a stable home for you and your family when you lack many of the tools necessary to construct a solid structure? What does it mean to build a a safe home when you didn’t have one as a child? Those are the questions Good Dads 2.0 answers in this curriculum.

The 15-module course is designed to help any dad (stepdads, grandfathers, and father figures), and especially at-risk dads to build a safe and stable home for their children and family. The curriculum covers a variety of topics through meaningful and thought-provoking questions, multimedia expert testimonials and educational activities.

Looking to learn more about Good Dads 2.0? Call us at our offices at 417-501-8867 or email Director of Operations Rhonda Andersen at
Good Dads 2.0 Brochure
Good Dads 2.0 Brochure
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Download Brochure

Good Dads 2.0 Facilitator Training

The next training opportunity for Good Dads 2.0 will take place Nov. 27–Dec. 1 in Springfield, MO. This training event is intended to help those who want to be more effective in their work with at-risk fathers (i.e. fathers with a child support problems, histories of poverty, incarceration and/or substance abuse). 

Successful facilitators may be mental health professionals, members of the faith community, members of the recovery community, retired professionals who want to give back to the community, or anyone passionate about helping at-risk fathers overcome the barriers they may face.

Good Dads 2.0 provides up-to-date information and research on recruiting and engaging at-risk fathers, and it addresses common issues they face (e.g. parenting as a single father, stress and anger management, child support issues). Good Dads 2.0 also includes strategies for helping noncustodial fathers reconnect and engage with their children. 

Participants in the Good Dads 2.0 training will be trained in facilitating fatherhood groups using the Curriculum. Included in registration is 1 Facilitator Binder, 1 flash drive and 1 set of Participant Guides.

Good Dads 2.0 includes the best evidence-based approaches that primarily target minority fathers living in an urban setting and adapts them to a more diverse group of fathers living in small and mid-size cities in the Midwest. It is based on the accumulated experience of Good Dads facilitators serving hundreds of fathers from 2018–2022. It may not be as suitable for minority fathers in an urban setting.

Registration for the Good Dads 2.0 Facilitator Training will open this fall. If you have any questions about registration, call us at our main offices at 417-501-8867 or email Director of Operations Rhonda Andersen at

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Learning Objectives:

Good Dads 2.0 is focused on equipping at-risk fathers with what they need to overcome the barriers they may face in becoming responsible fathers. Participants in the Good Dads 2.0 Facilitator Training will gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to working with at-risk fathers (i.e. those with a history of poverty, child support issues, incarceration and/or drug use).

participants will be able to ...

Introduction to Class Facilitation

  • Describe the goals, format, and content of the GD 2.0 curriculum and the target population for which it was developed.
  • Develop a contract to guide behavior within the group.


Labels & Manhood

Reputations and Stereotypes

Challenges to Safety


Conflict Resolution

Stress & Anger Management

Decision-Making & Your Support Network

Managing as a Single Father

Fatherhood Today

Understanding what Children Need


Encouraging Play

  1. Explain the importance of play in children’s development and well-being.
  2. Analyze the positives and negatives of competition in play.
  3. Identify ways children learn through play and expand repertoire of activities to help them learn.

Understanding the Child Support System

  1. Describe and explain information related to child support laws, policies and procedures.
  2. Explain the potential benefits of declaring paternity for fathers and their children.

bundles and purchasing options

Please note: Customers looking to purchase Good Dads 2.0 must first complete a facilitator training. To maintain the highest possible delivery quality of the evidence-based program to participants, Good Dads does not allow purchases from folks who haven't been trained.

Ultimate Contractor Bundle – $425
Handyman Bundle – $325
Backyard Builder Kit – $24.95

Looking for other ways to bundle?

To order additional Participant Guides, flash drives or any other Good Dads 2.0 materials, please call Director of Operations Rhonda Andersen at 417-501-8867 Ext. 2 or email her at


Janice Reynolds headshot.

Janice Reynolds MS - Janice Reynolds has a BS in Elementary Education, an MS in Learning Disabilities, and an MS in Guidance and Counseling.  After retirement from a career in public school education, Janice was trained as a facilitator for Good Dads and has taught the Fatherhood Development Curriculum at a number a sites. In addition to helping to train new facilitators, Janice serves in a supervisory and mentoring role for new facilitators.

Sally Herman headshot

Sally Herman RN- Sally Herman is a retired registered nurse, a licensed minister, and a certified Faith Community Nurse. Sally’s involvement in Chi Alpha Campus Ministries of the Assemblies of God spanned over 40 years have prepared well for her work with group facilitation. She serves as a regular facilitator of the Fatherhood Development program with experience at three different sites. She has participated in Good Dads for 3 years, has taught 5 New Pathways classes, and has led facilitator training sessions.  She continues to feel passionate about helping men become better fathers and better men.