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Raising a family is a lot like coaching a sports team. The winning habits good coaches employ are many of the same strategies that good dads use to raise and lead healthy, happy families. In many ways, a coach is to his players what a dad is to his family.

Fundamentals of Fatherhood: The Essential Good Dads Playbook, is a new curriculum from Good Dads designed to forge a connection with fathers using familiar language and relatable examples common to any sports lover. The curriculum’s goal is to help any father become the best he can be using a combination of video material, facilitator-led group discussion, and engaging activities. Participants in a Fundamentals of Fatherhood workshop or training will consider the following:

A boy throws a baseball to his dad
  1. What does a winning season look like for my family? What matters most to us?
  2. How can I positively impact my family by using my strengths?
  3. How do I ensure my family and I will get through hard times?
  4. On whom can I rely?

The eight-part curriculum is designed to help any dad, including stepdads, grandfathers, and father figures become the best role model and coach for the children in their life. The curriculum covers a variety of topics through meaningful and thought-provoking questions, multimedia expert testimonials, and educational activities.

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Facilitator Trainings are intended to help those who want to be more effective in their work with fathers. Facilitators can be mental health professionals, human resource specialists, and others working in a setting with men.

Fundamentals of Fatherhood provides up-to-date information and research on fatherhood issues along with strategies for encouraging father engagement with children.  Participants will be trained in facilitating fatherhood groups using the FOF curriculum.

While FOF is focused on fathers, it includes principles and strategies useful to anyone desiring to be a good parent, including mothers, grandparents, and parent-figures in a child’s life.

Good Dads requires organizations designated as "Good Dads Partners" to attend a training session hosted by Good Dads staff in order to teach Fundamentals of Fatherhood. If you are not a Good Dads Partner, we still highly encourage you to be trained in our curricula before you purchase and teach it.

We typically host training events each summer. Check back on our website soon for future training opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about FOF, call us at our main offices at
417-501-8867 or email Director of Operations Rhonda Andersen at

The curriculum for Fundamentals of Fatherhood is intended to help any dad be more intentional in his parenting of, and engagement with, his children. Participants in the Fundamentals of Fatherhood Facilitator Training will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for working successfully with men in the area of parenting and father engagement.

Participants will be able to:

Introduction to Class Facilitation

  1. Describe the goals, format and content of the Fundamentals of Fatherhood curriculum.
  2. Develop a contract collaboratively to guide behavior within the group.


  1. Identify personal values regarding fatherhood and recognize how these influence behavior and interaction with class participants.
  2. Identify the range of values held by group members and acknowledging the importance of differing values and perspectives in a diverse society.
  3. Describe how a person’s values can change as they mature, experience life, and are exposed to other perspectives.
  4. Explain the relationship of a father’s values on his ability to positively influence his children.

Labels & Manhood

  1. Identify positive male role models within and outside one’s cultural group.
  2. Examine and describe the impact of one’s relationship with one’s father and other men as a child on one’s personal experience as a father thus far.
  3. Identify beliefs and experiences distinguishing the difference between a “boy” and a “man.”

Conflict Resolution

  1. Identify potential sources of conflict between fathers and the mother(s) of their children.
  2. Identify and explain personal “anger styles” and how to recognize cues one is becoming angry.
  3. Explain and demonstrate ways of resolving conflict without threatening words or actions.

Fatherhood Today

  1. Analyze and clarify changing attitudes about appropriate roles and responsibilities for a father.

Impacting Your Children

  1. Identify the influence fathers can have on their children.
  2. Identify the values and behavior they want in their children and ways to nurture these characteristics.

You and Your Child’s Self-Confidence

  1. Define and describe the essential components of self-confidence.
  2. Explain attitudes, skills and strategies associated with increasing self-confidence in one’s child.

You and Your Support Network

  1. Identify the qualities and characteristics of important supportive relationships.
  2. Describe the importance of a support network and how one might develop relationships with other like-minded fathers.
  3. Develop strategies for coping with the challenges that often accompany positive changes.


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Jennifer Baker headshot

Jennifer L. Baker PsyD MFT – Dr. Baker is a licensed clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist. She is Founder and Executive Director of Good Dads, Inc., a non-profit focused on helping fathers be more engages with their children.  From 2003-2011 she provided leadership for two large federal grants serving persons living in 29 counties in southwest Missouri.  In 2018, she was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the Springfield Business Journal. She launched New Pathways for Good Dads, a program to help under-resourced dads overcome the barrier challenging their ability and opportunity to be good dads.  

Drew Dilisio headshot

Drew Dilisio MS PLPC – Drew Dilisio holds a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Drew is an active member in Evangel University chapter of Chi Sigma Iota the counseling honor society and has attended trainings on family systems therapy, motivational interviewing, and mental health first aid. Drew is certified to teach PREP 8.0, Fundamentals of Fatherhood, and Helping Fathers in the Heartland. He specializes in Family Systems therapy with an emphasis on couples and fathers going through divorce. He is the counselor and community specialist at Good Dads, a non-profit focused on helping fathers be more engaged with their children. Drew is an adjunct Professor at Evangel University where he has taught Counseling Skills in the graduate program. He has experience working with a variety of populations, from men at Victory Mission, a drug and alcohol treatment program, to being the counseling intern at Drury University. While at Drury he had the opportunity to learn a lot about stress and the stress response and building resilient college students.