Dyllan Dale New Pathways Spotlight

Dyllan Dale would be the first to tell you that his life has not been easy. He has made mistakes, made bad choices, hurt people and battled addiction. He would also be the first to tell you that it is truly by the grace of God that he is where he is today.

Bobby Pullin New Pathways Spotlight

“Success is earned, not given.” This phrase is one you will hear quite frequently from Robert "Bobby" Pullin.

John Crouch New Pathways Spotlight

John grew up in Mount Vernon, MO, as an only child. He had the most loving and kind parents that a child could want. Despite all the pain and hurt that they experienced throughout the years, they are still married. 

Danny Watkins New Pathways Spotlight

"Things happen for a reason."

Danny Watkins may not have always felt that statement was true, but if you asked him today, he would tell you that there is a reason for everything.

Anthony Flores New Pathways Spotlight

Anthony James Flores was born in Blythe, California, the second child of Anthony and Joann Flores. He has an older sister, Raquel, and a younger brother, Coty.

Bobby Tureaud New Pathways Spotlight

Bobby recently completed the Fatherhood Development Course. He is looking forward to beginning the Within My Reach relationship class.

Charlie Romine New Pathways Spotlight

If you were to meet Charlie today, you might think, “That guy has it all together; he gets to see his kids, he has a great job, he’s working on a college degree, and he’s good looking!” Those things may be true, but it has not always been that way.

Cody Pickens New Pathways Spotlight

If you were to have the pleasure of talking to Cody on the phone today, you would probably agree that you can almost “hear” Cody smile!

Daniel Jones New Pathways Spotlight

Daniel had a bumpy life from the start. He grew up in low-income housing on the Illinois side of St. Louis. Due to the poverty level, Daniel had to use his street smarts in order to survive.

Jack Cloutier New Pathways Spotlight

“Hi Jack. How are you?” Jack’s reply to this question is always, “I’m blessed.”

Jacob Austin New Pathways Spotlight

Before the age of nine, Jacob would say he had a “good childhood.” All that changed when he moved in with his mother when he was nine-years old. Things did not go well.

Joe and Amanda Fowler New Pathways Spotlight

Joe is a graduate of the New Pathways for Good Dads program. He is married to Amanda and has one step-son named Destin.

Joe is a graduate of the New Pathways for Good Dads program. He is married to Amanda and has one step-son named Destin.

Joe and Amanda have graduated from the sober living program at New Beginning Sanctuary. Through NBS they have been house managers in several locations and have recently moved into their own apartment! Joe is a maintenance/handyman for NBS, a chef at HuHot, and an outstanding facilitator for the NPGD program.

Amanda is a Substance Abuse Technician at Burrell Behavioral Health as well as a NPGD facilitator and assistant case manager. After Joe completed his Fatherhood Development Course, he decided he wanted to become more involved with Good Dads.

Joe and Amanda have since been trained as facilitators for Fatherhood Development, Within My Reach, and Within Our Reach. Together, Joe and Amanda have facilitated four different fatherhood and relationship classes at NBS for the NPGD program. They make a great team, and we are blessed to have them on our team!


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