Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire, resource, and encourage all fathers to be more involved in their children's lives.
We believe


GOOD DADS is the only organization in Southern Missouri focused on helping all dads be more engaged with their children.  It began when business leaders in Springfield, Missouri recognized the impact of father absence on child well-being and came together for the purpose of supporting father engagement.

GOOD DADS aims to encourage fathers by providing inspiration, resources and events to help dads be the best they can be.  They do this in partnership with local businesses who invest in our community by investing in fathers.



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Create & Promote daily podcasts, weekly e-newsletters, public service announcements, the Good Dads website, and other pro-father messages.

Encourage All Pro Dads in local schools.

Develop & Support activities that help all fathers be more engaged with their children.

Partner with the business community to reach dads.

Design & Develop programs to give all dads the tools and resources they need.

Resource & Train groups who serve fathers.
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GOOD DADS Board Members 2019

Jennifer Baker
Clayton Ballard
Jim Barber
Clayton Brown
Kirk Cocanougher
Mike Dawson
Robert Hawkins
Matt Miller
Joseph Ndiba
Crystal Reynolds
Celeste Skidmore
Jim Towery
Brian Tyndall
Michael Vaughn
Joshua Wemple
Dennis Wiggins
Paul Windisch