what is good dads?

Good Dads is the only organization in Southern Missouri focused on helping all dads be more engaged with their children. It began when business leaders in Springfield, Missouri recognized the impact of father absence on child well-being and came together for the purpose of supporting father engagement.

Good Dads is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that aims to encourage fathers by providing inspiration, resources and events to help dads be the best they can be.

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Who is Good Dads For?

Good Dads is for all dads – because any dad can be a great parent. All he needs are the right tools.

Here, we’re all about fathers of all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’re a white-collar dad who can never seem to make time for raising kids after long hours at the office. Or maybe you’re a divorced tradesman who hasn’t seen the kids in years.

We’ve seen all kinds of dads: divorced dads, over-the-road trucker dads, dads who don’t have custody of their kids, dads who coach their kids’ sports teams, cub scout leader dads, single dads, dads with a history of drug abuse or incarceration, dads who take their kids on play dates and any other type of dad you can think of.

All of the above dads, despite different upbringings, experiences, barriers and strengths, all have the capacity to be a Good Dad. We’re here to encourage, equip and empower all dads to be the best parent they can be.

See Good Dads' 2022 Annual Report Here


  • Create & Promote podcasts, e-newsletters, public service announcements, and other pro-father messages.
  • Promote Good Dads Strong Schools.
  • Develop & Support events that help all fathers be more engaged with their children.
  • Partner with the business community to reach more dads.
  • Design & Develop programs to give all dads the tools and resources they need.
  • Resource & Train groups who serve fathers.
A collage of dads engaging in fun activities with their childrenA collage of dads engaging in fun activities with their kids


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