Good dads pledge to you

So much has changed since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. In these uncertain times, here’s what we want you to know about Good Dads.

  1. Our physical office will remain closed at this time.
  2. Our New Pathways for Good Dads classes will continue in a virtual format.
  3. Our commitment to you and your family has not changed.

Good Dads will continue to bring you positive, practical content intended to help you have meaningful interactions with your child—even during COVID-19 and social distancing. We acknowledge the seriousness of this situation, but leave the facts and medical updates to those who specialize in this area (such as the CDC).

We promise to stick with what we know and do best—healthy relationships. We also pledge to up our game, bringing you brief, daily ideas in addition to our more robust, weekly e-newsletter and podcasts.

COVID-19 RESOURCES - Positive, Practical Content for Families
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men and Mental Health

Tackling a mental health concern is a lot like hiking up a mountain. Standing at the base and craning your neck to catch a glimpse at the top might make you feel like: “There’s no way I’ll ever make it.” But the journey of a lifetime begins with just one step. Ask any experienced hiker and they’ll tell you that nobody can expect to reach the summit without proper equipment.

Think of the “Men and Mental Health Blog” as your tool you’ll use as you climb your own mountain. Our thoughtful, well-researched posts will help you understand why some men struggle and will equip you with solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Each month we have a collection of essential blogposts on a different mental health topic, so there’s always something new to learn.

Posts about effective communication will become your hiking boots; posts unpacking male depression will be your walking sticks; posts reinventing manhood will be your pocket knife. We have the tools you need to get started on your journey. Now climbing that mountain won’t seem like such a colossal task.

We know you can do it.

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The Good Dads Podcast has hundreds of episodes discussing 21st century fatherhood. Tune in as hosts J. Fotsch and Dr. Jennifer Baker talk about all the different ways to be a good dad. Laugh and learn with friends, dads, volunteers and other special guests.

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