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Dr. Shelby Smith knows men are notably bad about taking care of themselves and he’s trying to do something about that. Three years ago he and his partners, Dr. Mark Chambers and Dr. Teresa Troy formed Equality Healthcare with a fundamental assumption: Everyone is equal. No one is the same.

Their mission statement reads as follows:

We believe everyone deserves easy access to affordable, quality healthcare. And that’s why we’re changing the healthcare equation. It’s affordability plus transparent pricing plus relationship-driven primary care minus insurance driven medicine. The sum? Equality Healthcare.

Drs. Smith, Chambers and Troy may be on to something, especially when it comes to men’s health. A recent study in Men’s Healthreported that, “. . . among the 1,006 Americans surveyed, more than a quarter of the millennials in that group were skipping doctor's visits because of their fear of incurring a high medical bill.”

Cost, however, is not the only excuse given. According to Science Daily: Rather than make appointments to see their family doctor on a regular basis, men are often more likely to make excuses for not going. The top three excused include 1) being too busy; 2) being afraid of finding out something might be wrong with them; and 3) discomfort with certain body exams such as prostate checks.

Dr. Smith has been a very popular speaker for two of the Good Dads Tuesday Lunch Series. His warmth, intelligence and sense of humor about men and their health make him an ideal presenter. Not only do people laugh, they also learn a great deal.

We wanted an update from Dr. Smith and recently invited him to join us for a Good Dads podcast to discuss common problems with health during the summer months. Our conversation covered a number of topics, including preventing and treating insect bites, ticks, rashes, sunburn and impetigo. As the father of two, soon to be three sons, Dr. Smith was full of helpful information for good dads and their kids. We hope you’ll listen to this podcast and see for yourself.

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