You probably know that father engagement is good for kids. You’re probably not surprised that it is also good for dads. But I wonder if you were aware that engaged fathers are good for companies and their bottom line?

According to a 2015 study in the Academy of Management Perspectives, “the more time fathers spend with their children on a typical day, the more satisfied they are with their jobs and the less likely they want to leave their organizations. Further, they experience less work-family conflict and greater work-family enrichment.” (Study surveyed nearly 1000 fathers working an average of 46 hours/ week).

In another study, Forthofer, Markman, Cox, Stanley and Kessler found that nearly $6 billion a year is lost in decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties. Included in those relational difficulties are the children impacted by less contact with their fathers.

​Beginning Tuesday, September 13, Good Dads will offer a six-week series of Tuesday noon lunches focused on helping dads be more engaged with their children. This fall’s theme, “Helping Your Child Succeed,” includes lively, interactive topics by Dr. Jennifer Baker with “take home tools” to help fathers be relationally better with their kids. Each week will also include an inspirational talk by a local community leader about the difference a dad makes.  (Watch for more details.)

This fall’s line-up includes the following:

Sept. 13 . . . Brandon Beck, KY3                                                

Sept. 20 . . . Dr. John Jungmann, Supt., SPS

Sept. 27 . . . Paul Lusk, Men’s BB Coach, MSU    

Oct. 4 . . . .  Paul Williams, Springfield Police Chief

Oct. 11 . . . . Doug Pitt, Care to Learn Founder

Oct. 18 . . . . Dr. Carol Taylor, President, Evangel

How can you be involved in this program that will benefit Dads?

  • Make them aware of the Good Dads Lunch Series. (We can provide flyers and weekly-emails.)
  • Take time to attend the one-hour lunch on Tuesdays from September 13 through Oct. 18.
  • Sponsor a lunch. (Lunches are provided at no cost, but we do benefit from business sponsors.)

If Tuesday lunches don’t fit your schedule, Good Dads is happy to work with you to develop a program to benefit the dads you work with or employ, as well as the dads you serve. It’s a win-win for your dads and the places they work. Want to know more? Please contact us at Jennifer@gooddads.com or call (417) 501-8867.

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About Author

Dr. Jennifer Baker is the Founder and Director of Good Dads. She is the wife of one, mother of two and grandmother of eight. She may be reached for question or comment at jennifer@gooddads.com.