Meet Bobby Tureaud

Bobby recently completed the Fatherhood Development Course. He is looking forward to beginning the Within My Reach relationship class. 
New Pathways for Good Dads would like to congratulate Bobby on having his felony expunged from his record. Bobby participated in a program through legal services of Southwest Missouri. 
Check them out at or call 800-444-4863.

Congratulations Bobby !

Meet Charlie Romine

If you were to meet Charlie today, you might think, “That guy has it all together; he gets to see his kids, he has a great job, he’s working on a college degree, and he’s good looking!” Those things may be true, but it has not always been that way. When Charlie was a child, his childhood experiences were not those of a child who has it all. Charlie was a ward of the state and experienced a failed adoption. There was abuse, neglect, drugs, and parties in his life. When he was 17, Charlie dropped out of high school and ran away from the foster care system with his pregnant girlfriend. That relationship ended horribly. Charlie was in prison three times. After his third imprisonment, he decided that things needed to change. He was losing his rights to his children, and he felt that he had very little hope. Charlie found Victory Mission. He enrolled in every class that he was eligible to attend. These classes included the New Pathways for Good Dads Fatherhood Development Course and the Within My Reach relationship class. Charlie has earned his HiSet and is currently attending Ozark Technical College, pursuing a bachelor degree in Behavioral Science with a 4.0 GPA. Victory Mission awarded Charlie an apprenticeship where he is helping to lead the long-term recovery program with the potential to continue his career at the Mission upon his graduation. Charlie states, “I have been able to spend time snuggled up to my children and take them to my church where I help lead the Tech Department. Life is amazing! I am in love with Jesus, and I could not have done any of this on my own!”

Congratulations Charlie !

Meet Cody Pickens

If you were to have the pleasure of talking to Cody on the phone today, you would probably agree that you can almost “hear” Cody smile! Cody’s voice and positivity are infectious. The joy of the Lord shines in his eyes. Unfortunately, life has not always been this way for Cody.Cody grew up in a broken home in a small Missouri town. His mother and grandmother raised him. He attended the same school from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Cody participated in many school activities, including basketball and baseball. At the age of 14, Cody began smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Before long, he was addicted and experimenting with harder drugs. After Cody graduated from high school, he went to work at the shipyard in Caruthersville, MO. Here, he was introduced to opiate painkillers. This addiction lasted for more than 10 years. Cody was eventually fired from the shipyard for failing a drug test. After being fired, Cody found a job delivering pizzas. At this job, he met the woman that he would marry and be the mother for his child. Cody tried to hide his addiction, but like addiction does, it reared its ugly head. Cody was in and out of rehab. Nothing seemed to work. After a short marriage, Cody and his wife divorced—his daughter was barely one year old. Cody tried rehab again. He spent the next year at the Army Church in Branson. Things went well for a time. However, there was still something missing in Cody’s life, and again he relapsed. During this relapse, Cody was sent to prison for 120 days for stealing vehicles. Upon his release, he returned to Branson for another attempt at rehabilitation. By this time, it was 2016. Cody had not seen or talked to his daughter in more than two years. Cody relapsed again. Again he was sent to prison for vehicle theft involving a police chase and assault on an officer. Cody spent the next year in the Department of Corrections. Upon his release, Cody made Victory Mission is home plan. Through the Restoration Program at Victory Mission, Cody rededicated his life to Christ and has not  looked back!That was December 5, 2018. Since then Cody has been in contact with his daughter’s mother. He started writing letters to his daughter each week. His ex-wife saw that he was serious in his desire to restore his relationship with his daughter. She has since given their daughter all of Cody’s letters and allowed her to write to Cody.After two months of back and forth letters, Cody and his daughter had their first phone conversation in many years. Cody was prepared for a short, one-sided conversation. But, to his surprise, the conversation lasted over one hour! The next week their second phone conversation lasted for two hours! When Cody tells this story, this is when you can “hear” him smile! Cody stated, “This is a process, but it is worth every minute. I am so excited for the day to come when I can see her and hug her again!” Cody is working full-time at SMC. He bought a vehicle just before Christmas. He serves faithfully at Freedom City Church on the Administration and Hospitality teams. Cody is a graduate of the New Pathways for Good Dads program and a soon-to-be graduate of the Victory Mission Restoration program. Through it all, Cody exclaimed, “God is on the move!”

Congratulations Cody !

Meet Daniel Jones

Daniel had a bumpy life from the start. He grew up in low-income housing on the Illinois side of St. Louis. Due to the poverty level, Daniel had to use his street smarts in order to survive. By the time he was 15 years old, he was a young alcoholic. After a stint in a rock band, he moved to Missouri. He was not making enough money on stage to pay for all the alcohol he was consuming.Daniel stopped drinking after a car accident. His new crutch was prescription painkillers. At this time, Daniel was married with two small children. The marriage was dead from the start, but he tried to keep it together for the sake of the children. His wife continuously accused him of using methamphetamine. Daniel’s thought was, “Since she does not know the difference in my behavior, I might as well use meth.”  This led to a downhill spiral—Daniel would be arrested, released on probation and violate again. The pattern continued.In 2017, Daniel and his wife divorced. He was homeless and jobless in a town where the only people that he knew were his ex-wife’s family—and they hated him. This location was so remote that getting a job or getting to his Parole Officer was nearly impossible. Daniel dove deeper into substance abuse as well as manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs. Somehow, Daniel was able to stay off the radar and not get charged with drug offenses, but he did violate his probation and was sent to jail.Daniel spent three months in the county jail with the possibility of spending 8 to 10 years in prison. He defended himself and was able to get his sentence down to four months in the Department of Corrections without treatment. During this time, Daniel’s girlfriend gave birth to their baby boy. Finally, Daniel put his life in God’s hands and was prepared for prison.He wrote a letter to the judge and told him that he wanted to go to a sober living program. He told him that if he were to go to prison, he would be released back to homelessness, joblessness, and the probability of running back to drugs; he needed a solid foundation.On Daniel’s next court date, he was called up to court with acceptance letters for the New Beginning Sanctuary Sober Living/Recovery Program as well as a public defender in his corner. He was released to NBS that day and ordered to be cautious—he was ordered to return for sentencing in three months at which time he could still be sent to prison.Three months later Daniel returned to court for his sentencing. His fiancé and new baby were by his side. Daniel was expecting prison but hoping and praying for release. He had letters from his counselor, his program director, and his boss. To the astonishment of Daniel and his fiancé, the judge overturned the ruling on his case, stating, “Daniel was a victim of his own success.” Daniel was sentenced to complete the recovery program in which he was enrolled. Two months later, he became a house manager at NBS and started in the New Pathways for Good Dads program. He kept expecting the worst, but it never came! 2020 has been a big year for Daniel. His relationship with his children from his first marriage has been restored. In February, Daniel married Jessica, the mother of his third child. Together they have gotten sober and have remained sober. In March, Daniel graduated from the New Beginning Sanctuary program. He also completed all requirements for the New Pathways for Good Dads program and will be graduating from the NPGD program this summer. Daniel also landed a job at an auto repair shop.Daniel states, “I have a new family and an unbelievable life that I’ve never had before. I am not rich, but I am not where I was before. I have an awesome family and support system. I get to see my kids whenever I want. I even went into the courtroom and thanked the judge for giving me the opportunity to make something of myself. Doing this renewed his faith that people can change, programs can work, and people can recover and become someone if they just open their minds.”Take the chance. Try. Have faith in yourself.

Congratulations Daniel !

Meet Jack Cloutier

“Hi Jack. How are you?” Jack’s reply to this question is always, “I’m blessed.” Jack is from California. He was blessed with a good home—mom, dad, siblings. When he was about 12 years old, things changed. Jack began using drugs. He experimented with more intense drugs and things deteriorated. Jack got married in his early 20’s. His wife had two daughters and together they had two children, daughter and a son. He and his wife did drugs together. Neither Jack nor his wife could hold down a job, nor could they keep their own family together. Jack’s stepdaughters went to live with their father. Jack owned his own business as well as his own home. Eventually Jack stopped using drugs.Unfortunately, this only lasted a short time. The desire was too great, and Jack went back to using drugs. He lost his business and his home. He resorted to living in his mom’s garage. His daughter went to live with her grandparents. His son lived with his mother and bounced around from place to place. Jack stole metal and copper to support his meth habit.Jack knew something needed to change. He moved to Missouri to get his life back together. After Jack was settled in Missouri, he returned to California intent on moving his family to Missouri with him. For many reasons, that plan did not work. Jack returned to Missouri alone.After the failed attempt at reuniting his family in Missouri, Jack was “clean” for seven years. It didn’t last. Jack got back into meth. He got into trouble and received a 2nd degree felony assault. He started out with probation, but eventually ended up in prison. Then the change took place. While he was in prison, Jack surrendered his life to Christ. Upon his release from prison, he made New Beginning Sanctuary his home plan. He continued to focus on God. His life is becoming whole again. Jack has a relationship with his children and grandchildren. He has a cordial parenting relationship with his ex-wife—together they purchased their son’s class ring and had it engraved “From Mom and Dad”. He is planning a trip to California to celebrate his son’s graduation from high school. The skills and tools that he learned from the Fatherhood Development Class and the Within My Reach Relationship class have been instrumental in helping to repair his relationship with his children. Jack is now a trained facilitator for the New Pathways for Good Dads program and is sharing his skills and knowledge with many others at New Beginning Sanctuary.
Jack said it best, “God is restoring all the things I messed up and putting them back together!”

Congratulations Jack !

Meet Jacob Austin

Before the age of nine, Jacob would say he had a “good childhood.” All that changed when he moved in with his mother when he was nine-years old. Things did not go well. At 11-years old, his mother kicked him out of the house. He was forced to live on the streets. Jacob committed robberies. He manufactured and distributed drugs. At the age of 19, Jacob met the mother of his children. Jacob’s daughter was born when he was 21-years old and his son when he was 23-years old.  Jacob’s relationship with the mother of his children was destroyed by eight years of heavy drug use. Jacob was sent to prison in 2018. After his release from prison, Jacob made Victory Mission part of his home plan. Things went well for Jacob—for a while. When Jacob learned that his children had been taken into state custody in Oklahoma, he left Victory Mission. This departure did not go well for him. He relapsed and was sent back to prison. Upon his release in May of 2019, Jacob returned to Victory Mission and has since fought to stop the termination of his parental rights. Jacob realizes that he is not fighting this battle alone. He confesses, “I have succeeded through my faith and obedience to God. With the help of Victory Mission, I have been blessed with my own house. This house will be a home for my kids and me when I finish the program. I am looking forward to regaining full custody of my kids in the next 90 days. All glory be to God!” Since returning to Victory Mission in May of 2019, Jacob has completed a discipleship program at his church and is looking forward to mentoring others. Jacob has been employed at Prestressed Casting Co. since August 1, 2019. He works as a union steelman and is a member of the local 663 Heavy Laborers Union.

Congratulations Jacob!

Meet Joe and Amanda Fowler!

Joe is a graduate of the New Pathways for Good Dads program. He is married to Amanda and has one step-son named Destin. Joe and Amanda have graduated from the sober living program at New Beginning Sanctuary. Through NBS they have been house managers in several locations and have recently moved into their own apartment! Joe is a maintenance/handyman for NBS, a chef at HuHot, and an outstanding facilitator for the NPGD program. Amanda is a Substance Abuse Technician at Burrell Behavioral Health as well as a NPGD facilitator and assistant case manager. After Joe completed his Fatherhood Development Course, he decided he wanted to become more involved with Good Dads. Joe and Amanda have since been trained as facilitators for Fatherhood Development, Within My Reach, and Within Our Reach. Together, Joe and Amanda have facilitated four different fatherhood and relationship classes at NBS for the NPGD program. They make a great team, and we are blessed to have them on our team!

Congratulations Joe and Amanda!


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