A father coaches his son how to hold a footballFundamentals of Fatherhood

This 8-part men's curriculum is designed for professional dads and is perfect fostering positive relationships with dads and their kids in a workplace setting. Through a combination of video material, facilitator-led discussion and engaging activities, you'll explore how an engaged father leads his family to success much like a coach leads his sport team to a winning season.

A construction worker bends down to work on a buildingGood Dads 2.0

This 15-part course helps at-risk dads overcome the barriers they face in becoming responsible fathers. It addresses one simple truth: You can't build a safe, stable home when you don't have the right tools.  You'll find thought-provoking questions, multimedia expert testimonials, and educational activities to give dads the blueprint and tools for raising a happy, healthy family.

A top-down view of a small city landscapeHelping Fathers in Heartland

How can your school, church, recovery center or counseling center improve its work with men? Catch the Good Dads vision with this new program designed to help communities better address the needs of fathers in their area. The 5-part video and discussion-based series invites small groups of stakeholders to equip themselves with strategies for encouraging father engagement.

A man and young son flex their bicepsStrong Schools

Schools stand to gain from one important element of the family: DADS! This before-school program empowers Dad to participate in his kids’ educations so students, schools, teachers and entire communities can reap the benefits of father engagement. The 9-part series promotes father-child conversation on a particular character-related theme, like gratitude, patience and teamwork.

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