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At some stage during just about every trip I go on for work, I get a call from my wife telling me how much she hates it when I travel, most likely due to an unfortunate string of events that would probably not happen if we were both home. I guess this morning was payback time. (My lovely wife is on a girl's trip in Dallas): The morning thus far:

5:40am: Tinsley, dog #2, is barking relentlessly to be let outside. Get up and let the dog out. Bring her back in 5 minutes later thinking all necessary bodily functions have been achieved.

6:30am: Tell two mischievous little girls to go back to bed since it's not yet 7:00am. They grudgingly comply. While making sure they do so, I notice toothpaste on clothing but decide to ignore it.

7:25am: After a surprisingly long quiet period, the twins finally get up and force me to do so as well. Walking past the bathroom, I notice the particularly strong odor of dog excrement ... love that little white dog!! Continue on to girls' bedroom only to discover that the entire tube of Princess toothpaste (purchased last night), as well as the (not so cheap) organic hand soap, are now resident in the potty and/or all over the counter. Hmmm, what a fun morning ...

7:30am: Decide to tackle the doggy doo-doo...you guessed it diarrhea!!

8:00am: After much cleaning, the girls disappear, only to come back fully dressed in matching outfits . . . clever sausages!! Who could possibly stay mad at them?!!

8:08am: While writing this post, it got very quiet ...the girls had found a pack of post-it notes which ended up pasted all over their bunk bed...Wow, dare I ask what next??!!

8:50am: Breakfast was relatively uneventful ... until Mina squished Addie's fingers in the door while I was trying to get the dogs fed. While tending to injuries and disciplining, I notice Tinsley eating Belle's (dog # 1) food...fortunately for her I only had a dish towel in my hand...

The question is . . . do I take this show on the road and go to church???

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When he wrote this, Alex Green was the father of three girls – 3-year-old twins and a one-year old little sister. Five years later, Alex still travels for work but now leaves behind four daughters, 8, 8, 6 and 4 with his lovely wife, Miriam. She continues to look for opportunities to escape occasionally and give him some special moments and memories with his four girls. He can be reached for question or comment at haulix@gmail.com.