​I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about being in a car with someone that brings out just a little bit of their inner child.  Jerry Seinfeld takes a ride with a comedian and some of the most off-the-wall observations start coming out of their mouth.  Television comedian James Corden takes off with a singer in the car and he can get them so sing, well, just about anything!

While watching the professionals yuck it up can be pretty entertaining, I still say the absolute best comedians are right there in your car’s backseat every day . . . your kids!

My little ones are now 6- and 9-years-old, but pretty much since they could talk I’ve been enjoying the daily randomness coming out of their mouths on the way to day care, school and back.  Sometimes they’ll come up with their own topics and sometimes I’ll throw something out.  

"What would happen if you drove a convertible through a car wash?"
"What if everything was made of cheese?"
"Do the dogs and cats do chores during the day while we’re gone?"  

​One of my favorite parts of the Good Dads lunches is when we get a chance to break into small groups and hear how other dads make the most of their time with their kids.  Even though everyone has different schedules the best advice I hear is that wherever you are with your kids, be there! Be present.  Give them your full attention and what you’ll find that sometimes even a talk about nothing is the best kind of talk there is.

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Brian Tyndall is married to Diane and the father of two boys. He is also a Good Dads board member. He can be reached for question or comment at