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  • Worried about how your children will remember this summer?
  • Wondering about the impact of the pandemic on their usual games and activities?
  • Want to give them a truly memorable summer—something that move your kids away from screens and into the great outdoors?

Register now for Kamp Kwarun-Team – a family camp experience you can do in your own backyard or neighborhood that allows you to engage in friendly competition with families from across the country.

Here’s how it works:

    Each week you and your kids will have the opportunity to earn badges and compete in friendly competitions as a team. If your family is small, invite two or three other families to join you for the fun if you like. Or keep it in the family with just your kids.

    In Week One, you’ll all earn a “Team Building Badge” as you put together your team, choose a name and develop your team identity.

You decide how much to do. You decide how many and which badges you want to earn for the week. You can focus on one, two or all six. It’s totally up to you.

You’ll have the opportunity to compete with other family teams as you take photos of your projects and post them online for bragging rights and others to see. (Or, if you prefer to avoid social media, you can send your photos directly to the Kamp Kwarun-Team staff to be used exclusively on the Kamp Kwarun-Team web site or for staff eyes only. You choose.)

Every week for five more weeks you’ll have the opportunity to review and decide on six more badges, for a total of 36 badges. You can do a few, most or all. It’s totally up to you, based on what you enjoy and want to try.

When you register, Good Dads sends each participating child a “Kamp Kwarun-Team Sticker Badge Book.” As stickers are earned and our staff is notified, stickers will be mailed to your child.

The first week is FREE!  The first 50 families to register may try the first week at no cost to them.

Weeks 2-6 are $75 if you pay for all five weeks at once, or $20/week if you purchase the weeks one at a time. There is no obligation to do more than Week One, so trying the program is risk free.

When it’s all said and done, what your children want more than anything is your time and attention. Give them that in fun and meaningful ways. We make it easy to move your family away from screens this summer and give them memories they will to talk about for years to come.

Register Here: https://good-dads.mykajabi.com/
Learn More: https://www.gooddads.com/kamp-kwarun.html

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