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In Kansas City, residents are seeing unprecedented statistics for criminal re-offense, gangs, high school dropouts, and youth suicides. Studies point to a correlation between these rates and fatherlessness in the home. In fact, 63% of youth suicides and 85% of incarcerated youth come from fatherless homes. In Kansas City specifically, 43% of homes don’t have a father. 

The infrastructure in Kansas City has supported single mothers for years with effective programs, but the needle isn’t moving. We need to continue to support single moms, but we are losing ground if we fail to look at the reasons moms and children are living without a dad in the home. 


That’s where Good Dads Kansas City steps in. Our team of leaders and facilitators use multiple programs from Good Dads Springfield’s evidenced-based curriculum to train, equip, and develop men to be the fathers they were created to be.

Since February 2022, we trained over 45 men in our first two programs and have two more programs planned in the fall. Each session lasts for two hours and runs between 4 to 22 weeks. Here is what some of the men said about participating in Good Dads Kansas City meetings:

  • I am listening better; I try to be present in conversations with my ex and children. I listen and learn from my ex.  I can see the situation from a different way now.
  • I make more time for my children now. I understand them a little better.
  • I put thought in before I react to a situation.
  • This class has reinforced my need for community.
  • I learned from the other dads.
  • I have been able to apply the ideas in practical ways.
  • This program has helped me be more disciplined, self-aware, and I see the importance of decision making.
  • I learned a lot in the women’s panel discussion.
  • I’ve learned about and improved my communication and anger issue skills.
  • I learned I need to re-think about how I talk and relate to my child.


We see genuine transformation in the men, and the changed behavior is palpable.

The long-term goal of Good Dads Kansas City is to see the entire Kansas City area transformed to the point that fathers are actively engaged in their children’s lives. The pain of abandonment and neglect will take time to overcome. Transformation is possible when men step up, take responsibility and become Good Dads.

For more information about Good Dads Kansas City and the programs that are offered, please visit our website, call 972-935-4613 or email

Photos courtesy of Good Dads Kansas City.

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About Author

Lee Bramlett is the current Director of Good Dads Kansas City. Lee and his wife, Tammi, were career missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 25 years. They lived in Cameroon, Central Africa, and translated the New Testament for the Hdi people. Today the men that he and his wife trained are finishing the Hdi Old Testament. They have four grown daughters and two grandsons. 

Don Lewis is the community pastor of New Life City Church in downtown Kansas City. Before moving to the area, Don served the Washington Dulles International Airport as senior chaplain, served as program director of Youth for Tomorrow, and pastored churches in California, Arkansas, and Washington D.C. Pastor Don and his wife, Hildred, have four adult children, four grandchildren, and reside in Lenexa, Kansas.