A film strip image with four snapshots of dads doing activities with their children

I Believe

Dads serve an important role in the lives of their children.

Equipping fathers to be engaged in the lives of their children is a high priority.

A father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child.

Fathers build confidence in children. Mothers nurture and protect while fathers encourage kids to push the limits.

Fathers provide a different form of communication for children. This communication is often more direct and will benefit the child as they encounter the world.

Fathers are more likely to help children see that attitudes and behaviors have consequences.

i also believe

In the work of Good Dads in our community (Southwest Missouri and beyond!).

I want to encourage Good Dads to reach more fathers in our area.

I want to support and encourage the efforts of this beneficial non-profit – Good Dads – with a monetary gift of ongoing support.

If you believe, we invite you to help Good Dads reach more dads.

A gift not only shows your support and helps us make an impact in the lives of dads, kids, and families, but also makes you a "member" of Good Dads!

Individual Donor Levels

Any gift of $25 or more will enroll you as a Member of Good Dads for a calendar year

A yearly gift of $100 or an ongoing gift of $10 per month will enroll you as a Supporting Member

A yearly gift of $250 or an ongoing gift of $25 per month will enroll you as a Sustaining Member

Corporate / Business Partnership Opportunities


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