The "attitude of gratitude challenge"

The year 2020 has been a season of discontent and unhappiness in many ways. In addition to the pandemic, we’ve endured political unrest, weather-related problems, and economic concerns – just to name a few. In times like these it’s easy and natural to focus on what’s not right, what we miss and what we wish were different. While noticing and acknowledging are necessary and even helpful to resolving some of our problems, a singular focus on what’s wrong can also create problems. We can become so conditioned to noticing the negative that we fail to notice the good, what’s right with the world.

That’s why Good Dads Strong Schools is launching the “Attitude of Gratitude Challenge” for November and December to recognize the most grateful kids, parents, and schools in Springfield and southwest Missouri.

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we believe

  • Every child benefits from an engaged father.
  • Relationships are important.
  • Businesses and our community benefit from engaged fathers.
  • We are all in this together.

Create & Promote daily podcasts, weekly e-newsletters, public service announcements, and other pro-father messages.

Encourage All Pro Dads in local schools.

Develop & Support events that help all fathers be more engaged with their children.

Partner with the business community to reach more dads.

Design & Develop programs to give all dads the tools and resources they need.

Resource & Train groups who serve fathers.

A collage of dads engaging in fun activities with their childrenA collage of dads engaging in fun activities with their kids


Jennifer Baker
Clayton Ballard
Clayton Brown
Kirk Cocanougher
Mike Dawson
Lara Fors

Robert Hawkins
Nathan McCartney
Joseph Ndiba
Crystal Reynolds-Roberts
Jim Towery

Brian Tyndall
Michael Vaughn
Joshua Wemple
Dennis Wiggins
Paul Windisch

Attitude of Gratitude Gallery!


here's how it works

  1. Watch the YouTube video of “Kid President’s 25 Reasons to be Thankful.”

  2. Talk with your child about five things for which you are thankful this year.

  3. Make a sign like “Kid President” held up, i.e. something very simple on a legal pad or plain paper.

    Download Thankful PDF

  4. Take a selfie of the two of you with your sign.

  5. Send your selfie to Good Dads. Include your names and the name of your school.

  6. Encourage as many families in your child's school as possible to also do the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge. 

here's What you will receive:

Recognition:  The top ten schools with the highest percentage of participating pairs (child + father/father-figure or mom/mother-figure) will be recognized on the Good Dads homepage, in the Good Dads e-newsletter and the Good Dads podcast.

Individual Opportunity to Win:  Any participating guardian/caregiver/parent/child combination will be entered to win a Good Dads Strong School t-shirt.

Win for Your School:  The top three schools with the largest number of participating pairs (as evidenced by selfie or video sent to Good Dads) will win a $250 prize from Good Dads and their partners.

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